Renovating the Raven? But WHY?

They better leave that insightful bathroom graffiti right where it is

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The Raven Is Getting A Renovation: WTF was originally published on City Desk on Jun. 07, 2009, at 3:04 pm

So Prince of Petworth brings us words and pictures concerning one of the few neighborhood bars that has been able to withstand the gastro-pub craze, the serving of $4-plus PBRs (thank you Tonic), and the fight over whether live music can be played in Mount Pleasant with out disturbing the sleep of the gentrifying class. I’m talking about the Raven.

The Raven is getting a retro update. WTF.

This means classy lighting and apparently a returning to the old wall art. The post is a bit difficult to understand. I’m not sure if the Raven is restoring itself back to its orginal form or adopting a faux retro look.

The Raven has long been an unpretentious institution. If they are updating themselves to look like the inside of a Silver Diner, I’m gonna be sad.

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