Army Chopper Crashes on Texas A&M Campus

One person killed, four injured in crash

One person was killed and four injured when a Black hawk helicopter taking part in a training exercise crashed into a field on the campus of Texas A&M University Monday afternoon. 

The UH-60 Black hawk Army helicopter crashed during a training exercise near the Corps of Cadets field on the school's College Station campus.

Four of the crew aboard were members of the Army National Guard and one was a member of the ROTC staff at the university, the AP reported.

Six people were on the Black hawk when the crash happened.

One person was killed, four others were injured and a sixth person walked away unhurt.

At least three of those on board were rushed to the College Station Medical Center in critical condition. The university said the rudder on the  chopper may have failed, the AP reported.

The two helicopters lifted off from the field around 3:05 p.m., witness Scot Walker, the publications manager for the A&M Association of Former Students, told to "The Eagle."

The first one - an Army UH-60 Black hawk - took off with no problem, but the second appeared to lose control and quickly began spinning.

"All of the sudden he dropped straight back down into the ground," he told the paper.

Walker said the vehicle dropped upright, but that pieces of propellers and debris went flying.

"There was a bunch of people on Duncan Field and everyone went running and diving for cover," Walker said. "I grabbed the phone and called 911."

 There were no students on the helicopter at the time of the crash. Classes at the College Station campus will not resume until next week. 

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