Chicago is Out of Depp

Considering the subject matter of the movie he just made, Johnny Depp should know better than to snub Chicago.

Last May movie crews and set decorators took Chicago's Lincoln Avenue back in time, giving the businesses and storefronts a 1930s look. The neighborhood, home to the historic Biograph Theater, was the perfect setting for "Public Enemies," Michael Mann's film about notorious gangster John Dillinger.

The movie, starring Depp as Dillinger, will open nationwide on July 1.

"Public Enemies" was filmed in Chi-town and features Dillinger, whose "Lady in Red" story was made famous by Chicago's Biograph Theater, so you would think the city would be included in the list of advance screenings, right?


Despite the fact that the production spent $25 million in the city, pre-release screenings will not be available in the city. Along with L.A., sneak peaks will be showing in Wisconsin and Hobart, Ind.

Really? Hobart?

There doesn't seem to be an explanation for the Second City oversight. Wisconsin is home to director Mann's alma mater, and Indiana hosts the John Dillinger Museum.

But the alley behind the Biograph where Dillinger was killed is rumored to be the home of his ghost. Surely, that should be impressive enough of a qualification.

Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, is fascinated by Chicago's history of organized crime.

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