Organic Produce: Worth Its Weight in Green

What's the difference between an apple for $2 and one for $4? USDA certified organic.

According to a report by Reuters on WSL Strategic Retail, half of the people surveyed said they would buy more organic food, but higher prices are preventing them from doing so.

Part of the problem is that people are having trouble identifying what an organic product really is (30 percent of people surveyed), according to the report. In an economy where far too many are penny-wise, but pound foolish, shoppers want to know they are getting the most bang for their buck, in every way.

Though the survey found that more people are buying organic today, 55 percent compared to just 49 percent from last year, its the younger folks (41 and under) who were found more likely to shop organic.

How about that for going green ... dollars, that is.

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