Charlie Davies and His Stanky Legg Are Back

The story of Charlie Davies is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of. First you have the tragic accident that leaves a soccer star with debilitating injuries. Then you have the rehab, a  painful recovery that leaves him wondering if he’ll ever be the player he was before.

All the story was missing was the triumphant return.

Until Saturday.

In his first game back after the tragic accident that took one life and landed another in prison, Davies scored two goals for D.C. United in an emotional return to soccer.

The post-game interview says it all, and looking at this D.C. United team, it’s clear that this isn’t your average soccer team.

After all, there are players taking their shirts off and jumping into the stands. There's Davies doing the Stanky Legg after scoring goals -- the game is more NFL than MLS. A crowd of just more than 18,000 was on hand at RFK Stadium to watch, and that injection of energy may be what the team needs to keep drawing that kind of attendance.

The United’s next regular season home game is April 6; you can buy tickets here. After watching these highlights, we think we’ll be among those 18,000 fans.

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