Ceramic Sea Blob Invasion Imminent

Gelatinous and Loving It

On Thursday morning, several local intersections are expected to be invaded by terrifying(ly bizarre) Chilean sea blobs.

You'll be able to see their oozing presence on traffic cameras at TheodoreCarter.com/blobcam.

Says one Theodore Carter: "Colorful, ceramic blobs with signs reading 'Gelatinous and Loving It,' 'Amorphous and Amazing,' and 'Don't worry. I'm mostly fictional' will be placed in three locations in the region."

The blobs are expected at the following intersections:

  • Connecticut and Nebraska avenues in D.C.
  • 16th Street at N. Portal Drive in D.C.
  • Fenton Street and Philadelphia Avenue (MD-410) in Silver Spring

The local author is attempting to bring attention to his book, "The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob and Other Matters of Importance" -- a short story collection in which characters include a competitive eater and an "eyebrow arsonist."

Starting at 6 a.m. Thursday, the blobs will be out for around 24 hours -- "or less, if they are stolen, confiscated, or destroyed."

Be warned.

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