Catherine Malandrino Talks Lacoste Debut

This week, Catherine Malandrino's highly anticipated, 12-piece Lacoste sportswear collection debuts at select U.S. flagships.

The Feast/Shop New York recently sat down with the French designer to chat about the impetus behind the looks, and why she was so happy to toe the line between her signature slink and high end streetwear:

"I think so far, I've been really concentrated in the day-to-evening sophistication of a woman — working with a fabric like silk, silk wool, or cashmere, and making sure that i was bringing a lot of of know, the touch of fabric," she told us. "But in fact you know as an active woman, I realize that on the weekend, I like to wear something that has a practical quality, but without compromising the femininity. And I realize that it was not so easy to find as a proposition. And this is what I wanted to blend with Lacoste x Malandrino...Easy, very effortless clothes, however, very chic and French."

We tend to agree: Malandrino's no stranger to blending uptown precision with downtown sex appeal, and her womenswear designs run the gamut both in terms of style (a tennis-ready slouchy sweatshirt; an open weave pointelle maxi dress) and price (from $145-$750).

The 12-piece collection marks the first of a four-season run, with distribution planned for 43 of Lacoste's 70 boutiques, and 11 of Malandrino's nationwide flagships throughout the rest of the month.


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