Ruthless Cat Butcher Kills Again

Eight cats in two days found mutilated and killed in South Florida

Three more cats were found killed today in Palmetto Bay less than 24 hours after the South Florida cat butcher's deadliest day of killings.

Five cats were found yesterday in the most deadly day to date since the feline murders began. Three more were added to the list today, bringing the body count to nearly three dozen.

The cats were found mutilated once again in the areas of Palmetto Bay and Southwest Miami-Dade, and police say there's no way the latest killings could be the work of dogs.

The news comes just days after Broward police determined that the killings in their county were being done by a pack of vicious dogs.

Over 30 cats have now been killed in the last two months, many mutilated and all cruelly left in their owners' yards. Owners have been urged to keep their pets in their homes until the killer is caught.

One owner who found his cat dead yesterday struggled to comprehend the carnage.

"It's shocking to see that because we love our cat," owner Roy McKinney said. "Somebody who would do that, it's hard to say what else they would do."

Rewards of up to $15,000 have been offered in the case, which has several police departments actively investigating the sadistic murders.

Cops were collecting evidence yesterday at McKinney's house, trying to gather any info to help find the butcher who has a neighborhood on edge.

"To me, it's somebody who has major problems. To live in this community, I'd be worried," Mckinney said.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for any info leading to an arrest and a seperate non-profit group has offered an additional $5,000 reward. Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers can be reached at 305-471-TIPS.

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