“Caps Rap 2” Drops For Playoff Run

We mentioned on these very pages last month a new Capitals rap video by local rap aficionado Remy. The video wasn't bad, but we wondered if it compared to last year's "Caps Rap" sensation by Andrew Bowser.

Well, speak of the devil! On Monday, Bowser debuted his latest Caps anthem, "Caps Rap 2." Just in time for the playoff run, the video pays homage to the Caps' successful regular-season run -- and throws in a fair share of jabs against the hated Penguins, to boot.

Well played, Bowser...

This year's version doesn't include the infamous Alex Ovechkin impostor, who won the hearts of millions from ages 8 to 80. Instead, Bowser pays homage to Max Headroom and has some attractive women dancing around in hockey equipment -- which could probably make us forget about the bad Ovi dance pretty quickly.

Bowser, who is still living on the West Coast, said he wants to start a tradition of creating a new Caps video each year.

And, well, there's a good chance of that happening. Turns out he was canned from his day job -- over e-mail -- while he was filming this year's video in his apartment.

"So there I was, covered in red face paint and dressed like Lady Gaga -- getting laid off," he said.

Doh! Hate when that happens...

But, that does give him more time to pitch films and TV shows in L.A., make web shorts and launch his new website, Bowservids.com.

The Caps videos, however, will remain on his to-do list in the future. And heck, it might even turn into something more than just a once-a-season ritual.

"Something I would love to do would be to create these types of videos for ESPN, VERSUS, or even the NHL," he said. "I'd even love to create videos for other sports teams."

With one caveat: "Not the Pens."

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