Caps Owner Upset Over Getting Holiday Gift

Leonsis has issue with insurance company

These are troubling financial times, indeed. 

The stock market is plummeting.  Layoffs are taking place or are imminent across the country.

In such trying times, many are looking more closely at how large corporations spend their money.  Are they doing it wisely?  Or are they spending frivolously?

Congress wasn't buying it when chief execs from Detroit's big three automakers came to Washington to beg for financial help.  Instead of approving a $25 billion bailout, lawmakers questioned why each of the big-wigs traveled there in corporate jets instead of flying commercial or first class.

But the questioning hasn't stopped there.  Just look to Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis for another example.

Leonsis is a regular blogger these days, and his rants take him all over the map, not just within the hockey world. 

His latest involved some observations about his insurance company, AIG, which has policies to cover his home and other personal items. 

Leonsis said he received a huge Tiffany box in the mail Thursday from AIG.  Inside where two champagne glasses signifying a "thank you" for his business. 

"Arrgghhh! Are you kidding me?" Leonsis wrote on his blog.  "Please! Save the money and keep some people employed. Give the money to charity. Take less money from the taxpayers. Why do I need two more champagne glasses? Dumbest thing I have seen this week."

Leonsis went on to say that his family decided to donate money to a local charity this year instead of giving gifts to friends and associates.  He will let them know the cash was given in their name.  An honorable deed, indeed.

"We don’t need any more stuff and people out there need some basics and help," Leonsis said. "Don’t exchange these kinds of gifts this holiday season. Please help where it is really needed."

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