Capital Roundup: Inaugural Edition

Every week there are news tidbits that we don't get to bring you, but deserve some attention anyway. We present them to you on Fridays, without pomp and circumstance. OK, maybe some pomp. But never circumstance...

Mike Wise's parody poking fun at Albert Haynesworth is pretty painful. Listen at your own risk. [YouTube]

Willie Parker, who was a Redskin for slightly more than five minutes, took some shots at the team. Hey Willie, simmer down. Mocking the Redskins is our job. [Sports Bog]

Looks like those glasses are working out for Bryce Harper. [Nationals Enquirer]

John Wall lost Rookie of the Year to Blake Griffin. Expected, but disappointing anyway. [Wizards Insider]

Danny Snyder's PR guy, Tony Wyllie took some serious heat. [Deadspin]

Ryan Zimmerman had surgery. Nats fans wept. [Nats Journal]

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