Can’t Stop ‘Til We Get Enough

Get one parting look at a local tribute to Michael Jackson. As one fan put it: "It's imperative and I have a sense of duty to be here. And I owed it to him [Michael Jackson] in some cosmic way."

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He's not The King of Pop, but for several DC fans of Michael Jackson, Who's Bad lead singer Joseph Bell did him justice Friday night at the 9:30 Club.
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From left to right, Jenn Ryan, Michael Behr and Celia McLaughlin don white gloves in preparation for one of two sold-out concerts by Who's Bad, "The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band."
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Bell and his band, Who's Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band, sold out two back-to-back shows after pop music icon Michael Jackson died in Los Angeles this past week.
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Tai Meah, 26, of Bethesda, Maryland, wears a t-shirt she bought in support of Michael Jackson during his last trial during one of the tribute concerts at the 9:30 Club.
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Justin Brigida, 24, of Fairfax, Virginia, pulled out his best MJ dance moves during one of the tribute concerts.
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Michael Behr (C) gets a kiss from a fan as he waits for a concert by Who's Bad.
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Michael Jackson impersonator Joseph Bell made many people feel better at the 9:30 Club Friday.
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Brigida has been a life-long Jackson fan and called the death of the pop music icon a "life-changing event." "It's imperative and I have a sense of duty to be here," he said. "And I owed it to him in some cosmic way."
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Farewell, Michael...
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