Candy Spelling: Tori Never Calls Or Tries To Communicate

As the ongoing feud between the Spellings continues to rage on, Candy Spelling hopes her new book, "Stories From Candyland," can help build a bridge to her estranged daughter Tori Spelling.

Access Hollywood recently caught up Candy, where she revealed just how severe her estrangement from her daughter has become.

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"Tori describes it as complicated… I just don't speak to her, so I don't know," Candy said of her relationship with her daughter. "She doesn't call, and she doesn't communicate."

Candy said she may be used to the ongoing rift with her daughter – but admits it still pains her.

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"It hurts not to talk to her…It hurts not to talk, I've never even met Stella," she said of Tori's 10-month-old daughter with husband Dean McDermott.

In her new book, Candy writes about having not yet met her granddaughter and her efforts to broker peace.

"I've tried many times, you know, and I will continue to try," Candy explained to Access. "Someday we may be successful."

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The socialite is attempting to connect with Tori through a special note she wrote to her granddaughter and 2-year-old grandson, Liam, in her book.

"I get very emotional about things and it was just… it was something that I felt and I wanted to do," she says of the letter to grandchildren. "I guess it's a way of reaching out to my daughter too."

Candy shared a portion of the letter she penned to her grandkids, which is included in her book.

"Dear Liam and Stella, I love you and you have brought so much happiness and meaning to all of us," she read from her book "Candyland." "My only sadness is that you didn't get to meet your grandfather. Oh would he have loved you, no, make that worship as he worshiped your mother."

Despite their estrangement, Candy said she looks forward to a possible reconciliation with Tori – she's even building a playroom for her grandkids in her new home.

"I want to be prepared to have a place for them to play," she said.

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