Cami Mazard Does a Little Hanky Panky for Charity

Flickr Gobierno Federal

Guests at the Hanky Panky lover's day prep party charity event last night at the W Hotel were invited to bedazzle lingerie for a good cause last night.

"For Valentine's day, I usually think of roses and candy and romantic dinners," attorney Camelia Mazard said Thursday night. "But lingerie is great.  It's an appropriate gift every day in my book!"

Hanky Panky-brand underwear was on hand with their Swarovski crystal customization machine for a racy rendezvous, enticing attendees to personalize custom thongs with sexy sayings.

Even a handful of men showed up -- including legendary Redskin Gary Clark and Washington Nationals' President Stan Kasten -- to peruse the panties and make donations to the event charity, Becky's Fund.

Many called February 14th a 'Hallmark Holiday,' but Mazard is still feeling the love.

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