Cam Newton Gave Robert Griffin III His Phone Number

Sunday's game between the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers was a match-up between the last two Heisman Trophy winners: Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton. The two have a lot in common; they are both athletic, multidimensional quarterbacks in charge of resurrecting their respective franchises. 

So when they shared a moment after Carolina's 21-13 win, Newton slipped RGIII his phone number. Naturally.

“He gave me his number, told me to contact him,” Griffin said to reporters afterwards. “Basically we’re both two young quarterbacks in this league trying to get better, trying to lead our teams to victory. I told him I think that his team has a lot of talent, and that the possibilities are endless for them. And I feel the same way about our team. The media will say your record is what you are, but I just don’t feel like that, [that] our record is what we are.”

Newton said that he is "a big RGIII fan," so call him, that's too easy. Hit him on his two-way? Do people even use those anymore? I'm so not with it.

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