Caddies Aces Low-Key Sports Bar


Caddies on Cordell:

While you may be expecting more of a golf theme from the name, the main influence the course has on Caddies on Cordell is with the menu. Each section has a clever name, like "First Tee" and "Fairway Fare." The food is surprisingly good, especially when you go in expecting the normal mediocre bar offerings. The bartenders are also quick and friendly, which means you won't miss much of whatever game is on when you're grabbing the next round of drinks.

This sports bar tends to draw the post college crowd, and bar patrons ages hover around the late twentys. Don't be fooled by the ages, though. A good number of the guys here love a good popped collar just as much as the next undergrad, and are just missing the greek letters to go with it. However, the other people who come by are low-key and are just focused on having a good time, not cruising the meat market.

Caddies has a large sidewalk patio open Spring through Fall, so the party moves outside as temperatures warm up. If you just can't wait, the upstairs bar has a covered terrace overlooking Cordell Ave (hence the "on Cordell" part of the name).

4922 Cordell Ave., Bethesda, MD

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