Buying Other People's Clothes: Why It's OK

Urbanista Flea Market doing all the dirty work

Fashionista begat recessionista. But what's an urbanista? And who is going to decide when there are just too many -istas in the world, anyway?

"Urbanistas believe in second chances, especially for designer deals and fashionable leftovers at bargain prices," said Bailey Sessoms of Uptown Girl Entertainment, the sponsor of the Urbanista Flea Market.

Guess hand-me-down-ista just doesn't sound right.

So this Saturday, Aug. 22, get thee to the Urbanista Flea Market, 12 to 5 p.m. at the Helix Hotel (1430 Rhode Island Ave. N.W.) for bargains too good for Goodwill.

More than 20 vendors will be selling casual, professional and designer clothes that have been recently cleaned and pressed. Nothing will be more than two years old, so you don't have to deal with the eau de mold you sometimes encounter in, um, "vintage" items.

Vendors will also be selling shoes (OK, that's the one thing we can't cope with being secondhand, but to each her own), handbags, belts, sunglasses and jewelry.

A special Diva's Dressing Room will cater to those who wear sizes 12-28, which means that pretty much everyone can be an urbanista on Saturday.

The sale is cash-only, so we recommend a fearless trip to the ATM beforehand.

You can purchase your ticket for $10 online. Uptown Girl Entertainment will donate 25 percent of the ticket sales and 100 percent of the raffle ticket revenue to D.C.'s Habitat for Humanity.

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