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I'm just recently discovering a great rock band out of Melbourne. A few weeks ago, sent me "Colour Television" as my free MP3 of the week. (If you're not getting these, you should. Sign up, and every Friday Insound will send you a new MP3. At least once a month, I'm turned on to a great band, and at least once a month, I'm exposed to a band I've heard about haven't heard yet -- sometimes it's the same MP3.) I just got the rest of the LP, "Primary Colours," and it holds up to "Colour Television."

The album's so good I'm angry that I didn't know about Eddy Current Suppression Ring sooner. The record came out almost a year ago and I'm only finding out about it now? What's wrong with my friends and the music blogs I frequent? Furthermore, it's their second record. Honestly, fumbles all over the place.

Down Under, "Primary Colours" got rave reviews and earned ECSR a large Aussie following. The quartet plays punky glam-era garage rock with smart hooks and tough guitars, and they know when not to play, too. They know when to be raucous and they know when to haunt and creep up on you.

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