Bunny Brothel Begs Blago

Resistance is futile, Rod

Chicago -- The publicist for Rod Blagojevich says his client isn't seriously considering an offer from the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel outside of Reno, to participate in its HBO program Cathouse.

"Rod's willpower would be challenged daily by the ladies as they bribe him to acquire finer rooms or better working hours and days off," the brothel said in its pitch.

Maybe the U.S. attorney's office is offering him a better deal.

But not to worry, Bunny folk, you've come to the right place. We've got 59 state senators, 118 state representatives, 17 Cook County board members, an entire Streets and Sanitation department, and 50 aldermen to choose from - and that doesn't even include star alum Fast Eddie Vrdolyak.

Our advice, though, is to make your first call to former Ald. Arenda Troutman and get her scenes filmed before she reports to prison on June 1.

Troutman, after all, etched her way into Chicago's political history book when she was caught on an FBI wire saying "Well the thing is, most aldermen, most politicians are ho's."

And until Blago admits that he's like most polticians, he's not a good fit for your show.

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter. His fallback business model is Beachwood After Dark.

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