Brunch, Bargains at Firefly

NYC designers in town Saturday

You know that warm glowing warming glow you get at Firefly Restaurant? Nope, it's not the humidity (at least, for once) -- it's the summery atmosphere meant to evoke nights spent prancing around a golden tree, catching fireflies and receiving your wine bill rolled up in a glass jar. Yes, that's exactly it.

But you know that shopping also provides that satisfying feeling that's really only seconded by that feeling you get the morning AFTER you spent all night prancing around a golden tree, and you wake up and realize the hangover isn't nearly as bad as you'd expect it to be, all things considered.

At any rate, on Saturday, June 13, you get to shop AND nosh at Firefly (1310 New Hampshire Ave. NW), when two acclaimed NYC designers hit Dupont. Jennifer Baum Lagdameo of Ananas Collection brings her eco-friendly handbags; Anya Ponorovskaya of Girlcat Boutiques presents her signature handmade dresses, tops and jumpsuits.

Past season's styles will be 50-75 percent off. Check out buttery handbags like the Furoshiki (was $310, now $150) and Beatrice (was $355, now $99). Hey, wait a sec, those are actually (almost) affordable now! We can dig it.

Anya Ponorovskaya's selections include silk reversible dresses (were $455, now $99) and jumpsuits, pants, and white cotton dresses (originally $398, now $50-$99).

While you shop, chomp on Firefly's spring brunch offerings, such as snake eyes (not literally -- it's two soft-cooked eggs baked in a bread basket, country sausage, red eye gravy and potatoes) and green eggs and ham (OK, that IS kinda literal -- it's spinach, gruyère and Virginia ham quiche).

A dollar from each Ananas (pineapple) mimosa -- and five percent of handbag and clothing purchases -- will go to Team Firefly for the Breast Cancer Three-Day Walk.

Saturday, June 13
10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Brunch reservations:
(202) 861-1310,
Firefly's Web site or

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