Breaking Point For John Wall

Every rookie has his breaking point. The moment when he stops being politically correct and really lets his opinions fly.

Wednesday night, John Wall had his.

"Until we find five guys that really want to fight, compete and care the whole time, it's really going to be tough," Wall said.

It’ll take more than five guys, but we’ll set that aside for now. Wall is annoyed. He’s angry. He’s tired of losing.

It’s about time.

Wall needs to develop, and if he doesn’t have positive talent surrounding him, he’s not going to. This is not lost on Wall:

“I’m listening to my coaching and development, and they don’t want me to get in no losing mind set. But it’s just so frustrating to see that certain guys seem like they don’t have the effort to be out there, like they don’t care.”

Maybe this is exactly what Wall needs to propel him into the leadership role that the coaches want to see him in.

"A lot of guys are starting to get frustrated with the losing streak," said Andray Blatche (or Baltche if you prefer).

JaVale McGee said he’s "tired of losing. Tensions build up when you're tired of losing."

Listening to these guys talk, it seems like they’ve forgotten that they’re 15-41. They’ve been losing for a while and clearly lack the maturity to handle it. Blatche and JaVale got into a scuffle off of the court in December. In Wednesday night’s loss, JaVale got into a shouting match with coaches during the game.

With that level of disrespect for each other and their coaches, it won’t matter how much of a leader Wall ends up being. That type of behavior is toxic.

As for Wall, he’s not asking for much from his teammates.

“That’s one thing I’ve always did my whole life is compete, and that’s all we asking for from everybody.”

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