Break the Humdrum With Some (OK, a Lot of) Rum

Ceiba offers a rum tasting (and a lunch)

Ever wish you could afford a dream vacation to one of those beaches featured on Corona commercials? Nothing but the sounds of waves and sipping. Ahhh!

OK, that's not gonna happen any time soon. But for $75 -- steep, maybe, but not as steep as tickets to Belize! -- let the chefs and beverage director of Ceiba (701 14th St. N.W.) whisk you away on a tropical trip (in their resto, natch) as you enjoy a Caribbean lunch with a rum tasting on Saturday, July 11 from 1-3 p.m.

Yeah, yeah -- it might not be a beach vacay with your besties, but we promise that everyone else who chooses to spend their Saturday afternoon drinking straight rum will be buckets of fun. Well, we hope so anyway.

Instead of sipping mojitos, daquiris and hurricanes poolside, you will sample 10 straight-from-the-bottle rums from Latin America and the Caribbean, including cachaça and aged rums. Yes, we said 10. And we are not personally responsible for your liver, just FYI.

If you're interested (and you trust your liver more than we do), make sure to reserve your spot now, before all of the rum aficionados jump in the virtual line ahead of you.

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