Boys Like Girls Invite You to Read Between the Lines

Boys Like Girls guitarist Paul DiGiovanni gives a look into their new DVD, "Read Between the Lines"

Boys Like Girls has taken the concept of a band DVD to a whole new level. spoke with lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni about the features of their DVD Read Between the Lines.

Paul DiGiovanni emphasized that the Read Between the Lines was made for their fans. He said that he and the band had always been excited about the idea of creating a DVD, but they wanted it to be different than your traditional show DVD. The band, therefore, came up with the idea of mixing an hour long set of their music from their headline concert this summer with Good Charlotte and 50 – 60 minutes of behind the scenes action. They hope that the behind the scenes footage will give fans a look into what they are like in person. The goal of the DVD is to help people understand the whole story of the band and how they got to where they are.

The whole DVD was recorded this summer on the road. The director went on the bus with them really giving viewer’s an inside look into the band. Having the director with them 24/7 meant that their true personalities showed through. DiGiovanni said they wanted their fans to see them as normal people and get to know their personalities outside of their music.

When asked what his favorite part of Read Between the Lines is, he quickly answered with the Salt Lake City interviews. When the band was in Salt Lake City, Utah they went out one night and sat in one of the dried up salt lakes. While they were there, the director took advantage of the cool ambience and interviewed each of the band members one-on-one asking them personal questions and even a few questions about the other guys in the band. DiGiovanni said that the band members didn’t get to see the other guys’ interviews until they saw the DVD and that it was an amazing experience for them to hear their fellow band members discuss their relationship as a band. After 3 years of living together and working together, the band is still a tight knit group and these personal interviews give the viewer a look into what makes them a band and friends.

If you are a fan of the band you want to check out Read Between the Lines to get a closer look into the guys that make up Boys Like Girls. If you haven’t heard of them check out  for music and clips from the DVD.

The next few months will be busy for the guys as they gear up for the Holiday Season playing at Holiday radio shows and spend time with their families. Right after the holidays though, they head back to the studio to begin recording their next album. Another DVD in the future? DiGiovanni says they would love to. They are thinking about possibly even doing a DVD that covers the entire second album from recording to the show, but either way, Read Between the Lines has been a great experience for them and they would love to share their experience with you.

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