Boozing for Change

Charity group Suited for Change hosts a party at Hudson

We wish we could tell you that drinking is never a solution. Except in this case, it sort of is.

The Suite PurSuit After Party (May 13, 8:30-11 p.m.) will use 100% of donations to expand the charity org Suited for Change, which provides professional clothing and career education to low-income women. Admission to the party is $25, which includes two drink tickets (and they're courtesy of Emperor Vodka, so expect your sauce to be of the clear-ish variety).

The whole boozing-for-change thing goes down at Hudson Restaurant (2030 M St. NW), known for its eclectic version of comfort food and crafty mixologists not afraid to whip up a drink called the Gucci Slingback.

Now, we're not exactly sure that Suited for Change will be providing its clients with Gucci slingbacks of their very own, but it will help these low-income women attain jobs they otherwise couldn't without proper attire and career skills. Suited for Change is all about helping its clients discover economic independence. And if we have to knock back a couple of vodkas to help them do it, well, then so be it.

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