Bond. Popsicle Bond.

No need to scream -- plenty of ice cream

Eat It Up: Just get dumped by your boyfriend? Mercer's Ice Cream has developed every girl's ultimate breakup cure: wine ice cream. No, not just wine-flavored ice cream. We're talking 21 and over, get you buzzed, straight up, five percent ALCOHOL IN YOUR ICE CREAM. Mercer's makes six juiced-up flavors, including Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Chocolate Cabernet and Cherry Merlot. The nearest store is in New York, so online and phone orders are probably your best bet for now.

Suck on This: It seems "the big man" is finally answering our prayers. Thanks to the creative team at Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies, we can finally lick Daniel Craig's washboard abs. That's right, Del Monte's new summertime treat -- appropriately called "License to Chill" -- is a popsicle depicting Craig's muscular frame as he emerges from the water in Casino Royale. There are three available flavors, and thankfully this vice is relatively sinless, only setting you back 100 calories.

Flip Your Lid: Ben & Jerry have officially flipped out. Just when we were finally ready to cram ourselves into our skinny jeans, the sweet, sweet duo has introduced another dessert destined to go straight to our hips. The Flipped Out treat is a small cup of ice cream with chocolate syrup at the bottom and brownie pieces on top. The idea is that you rip off the cup's lid, flip it over onto a bowl or plate, and then dig into this sundae-like treat. The three flavors -- vanilla fudge brownie, cookie dough, and peanut butter fudge -- sound addicting enough to soon be staples in our freezer. I guess elastic-waist pants are more comfortable anyway.

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