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First family's pet gets his own comic book

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Bluewater Productions

Get ready for a glimpse of life in the White House, from the vantage point of the first puppy. Bo Obama is about to get his own book.

Bo, of course, is the Obama family’s Portugese water dog. You may or may not know that Bo has already been featured in a comic. “Bo Obama: The White House Tails” came out last year, and promptly sold out in most places.
Now an extended book version is hitting store shelves across the country (and online, of course). While Bo is cute and cuddly, he’s also educational. The unauthorized book is aimed at young kids, and offers stories about presidential pets from years past. 
It’s being released this month to coincide with the anniversary of Bo’s arrival at the White House.
Now if only he could use his comic book super powers to fix this health care mess...
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