Blu, Masa 14 Headed to 14th Street

The 1800 block of 14th Street will have a few new dining and entertainment options.

Two new establishments are headed to the block, and they both sound pretty cool.

The first is Blu Restaurant and Lounge. The ABRA application posted to the window says that Blu is planning to host live bands and a DJ, serve "light food" and will have a "summer garden," according to 14th and You.

Just down the block, Masa 14 is planning to open up shop. Unlike Blu, Masa is shaping up to be more of a full-service restaurant.

Masa's sign indicates that they will be serving "Mediterranean fusion, with a focus on Latin and Asian tapas," 14th and You reported.

Read the full article at 14th and You by clicking here.

You can check out Blu's (they have a location in Bethesda) website here.

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