Bloomberg: NYC's One-Man Stimulus?

He could put thousands of unemployed bankers to work on his campaign

A few fun facts about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

  • He is an immensely wealthy man who made his fortune in the financial information business
  • Beholden to no political party, he likes to change his affiliation every couple of years just to keep things lively
  • He's currently running for a third term as mayor of a city crawling with zombie unemployed financial workers.

The Democrats don't want him in their party, and his current "independent" affiliation was just a hedge in case he decided to run for president in 2008, which alas he did not; he might have deprived both Obama and McCain of literally dozens of votes from socially liberal, fiscally conservative Northeastern white-collar professionals.

At any rate, it's less than surprising that we're now hearing noises he might run as a Republican this time around. He doesn't really have any other options.

Now, any Republican worth his salt believes that private enterprise, not government, creates jobs. And now Mayor Bloomberg has the chance to prove his Republican mettle: by personally employing every laid-off banker and broker on Wall Street as a Bloomberg '09 campaign worker.

Bloomberg has already shown his boundless charity by taking in such needy political waifs as Hillary Clinton's old spokesman, the hobo-sweatered Democrat Howard Wolfson. It's not such a stretch to imagine Bloomberg might also find room on his payroll for a couple thousand bankers with seven-figure salary demands.

In fact, why stop with bankers? Let him employ the whole city. (Except for the Democrats who aren't Howard Wolfson.)

Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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