Blade Gets Response From Defendants in Wone Case

Blade Gets Response From Defendants in Wone Case was originally published on City Desk on Dec. 05, 2008, at 11:46 am

The Washington Blade does some work today to advance the legal wrangling angle on the Robert Wone murder case. Attorneys representing Dylan Ward, Joe Price, and Victor Zaborsky, all charged with obstruction of justice, filed paperwork blasting officials for holding Ward and requesting his release on his own recognizance.

Also in the motion, which was filed the same day Kathy Wone, Robert’s widow, filed a civil suit against the three men:

Frustrated at its inability to determine how Wone died, the government’s logically-flawed affidavit argues that since the police were unable to identify a third-party ‘intruder’ responsible for Wone’s death, then all three defendants must know more than they are telling, must have tampered with the crime scene, and must have lied to the police….

Without distinguishing among the three defendants, and without specifically attributing any illegal action to any of the three men, the government tosses them all into the affidavit and grossly assumes that they must have done something to obstruct justice….Lacking evidence that any of the three men had anything to do with Wone’s death, the government relies on rank speculation in an attempt to make its case.

The motion marks the first substantial public statements from the three men since their indictments.

Full disclosure: I am acquainted with the accused in this case and met Kathy Wone at her husband’s funeral.

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