Biden's New Pooch, SO Cute!

Biden purchased his new pup from a Chester County breeder in Pennsylvania

Vice President-elect Joe Biden picked out a new puppy this weekend, and it is SO darn cute!

Biden, riding deep with seven black Secret Service vehicles, rolled up to German Shepherd breeder Linda Brown’s home in Chester County, Penn. on Saturday and rolled out with a new, three-month-old pooch. It’s a male by the way.

Jill Biden promised her hubby that if he and his partner, Barack Obama, won the election they too would buy a dog. With two new pups, Obama’s and Biden’s, there will really be a lot of “scooping the poop” going on.

Apparently, Biden had Mark Tobin, coordinator of the New Castle County Police K-9 division scout Brown beforehand. Brown said Tobin called her up, came to her house to check her out, and told her she had “beautiful dogs.” And, that’s pretty much how it all began.

The four-legged addition to the Biden family will be delivered to Biden after the inauguration in January.

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