Best Gifts: $50-$100

Your best bets on a well-priced present.

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Urban Ears
Choose from at least 10 cool colors when you get your music fan a pair of Urban Ears ($35-$60), ranging from earbuds to full-on noise blockers. The Medis earbuds sit at two separate points on your ear, rather than one, making them pressure-free. GET IT:
Perfect for artsy friends, the Lomokino Moviemaker Camera ($79) takes Instagrams to the next level. With a roll of actual film(!) you can make your very own short flicks.nGET IT:
Kate Spade
Need a cute gift for a friend? Proceeds from Kate Spade's Women for Women project go to sustainable living for women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our faves: Pink-and-red pom-pom mittens ($95; also in cream/black); knit flowers ($48), and a classic bangle ($58) that'll never go out of style. GET IT: or 3061 M St. NW.
Simplify someone's life with a ridiculous amount of things-all-in-one. The iHome Desk Organizer Lamp ($25.99) has a built-in iPod charging dock and speakers. You pretty much never have to get them another gift, since after this they'll have everything. GET IT:
For manly men who refuse to have a bike basket, the Wheelmen & Co. Black Smith Tool Case ($79) is a dapper choice. The hand-stitched, leather roll-style bag easily attaches to handlebars, and you can lock it when you're not with your bike. GET IT:
By the holidays, fans are usually able to predict whether their favorite NFL team will have a chance in the playoffs, or it's better to just be hopeful about next season. Help your favorite fan show their die-hard dedication with an authentic NFL team jersey ($84.99). GET IT:
For the friend who's fed up with the average snooze button. The Bandai Gun O'Clock Alarm Clock ($90) will help your fave sleepyhead target the day ahead. GET IT:
An all-leather iPhone disguise, the Book Book ($60) will make your gift recipient look super-intellectual. GET IT:
Look, we know this looks incredibly dorky. But the massaging bed rest ($99) features a built-in cup holder, a bright reading light, and side pockets to store books and magazines. However silly this looks, it'll turns any tough day a relaxing evening. Dork away. GET IT: (use promo code SHIP99 for free shipping), Montgomery Mall or Pentagon City.
Elizabeth Garbitelli
This Filson tin-cloth duffle ($99) will last forever and age well. Get for brothers and boyfriends who aren't afraid of the Megabus. GET IT:
OK, OK -- Kindles are the future. That doesn't mean you can't gift a handbound journal ($29-$49) made with reclaimed book covers and high-quality paper to your literary-minded friends. They can doodle to their heart's content. GET IT: MapleTea,
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