Best Coupons That Don’t Require Scissors

Customize coupons for the name-brand items you really want.


Do you really prefer the real Hot Pockets... but go for the generic store brand because they're the only ones on sale?

Well, forget clipping coupons and tailoring your shopping lists around the weekly specials.  You can actually save quite a bit of money by using some new Web sites that let you customize your coupons.

Just like grabbing your newspaper and a pair of scissors, this will still take some effort.  But at least you can have the foods and products you actually like on a tighter budget.  So stop sacrificing brand loyalty and check out these Web sites: Enter your zip code on this site for coupons you can use at your local stores.  You can also search for specific stores, products, and put together your own shopping list of items you want to buy every week. Not just for grocery stores. Snag deals at a variety stores, from Target to Victoria's Secret.

-Surviving the Stores & Bargain Briana: These blogs can direct you to huge savings... including 3-cent paper towels, 19-cent toilet paper, and free shampoo.

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