Ben Lee's Heavy Make Out Session

Australian Singer Ben Lee Talks About His Current Tour And His Make Out Scene In The Movie Placid Lake

DC Scene: You've put out a pretty extensive list of albums in your career. How long have you been engaged in music?
Ben: I was 14 when I put out my first demo. Actually, it will be 14 years next week. I've been playing since 10, so that would be 18 years.

DC Scene: Is it true you were discovered by the Beastie Boys?
Ben:Ya, mostly. Well I was a bit known in Austrailia, so I was discovered there and had my CDs passed onto Sonic Youth, who passed them onto the Beastie Boys. I recorded with Sonic Youth when I was 14 while they were in Austrailia and put out my first album on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal.

DC Scene: So you made your feature film debut in the movie The Rage in Placid Lake. Were there any heavy make-out scenes?
Ben: Oh ya. I was actually with a good friend of mine, Miranda Richardson. You know we shot it and it was a little strange because we were friends, you know. It was like you crossed the boundry. What's funny is they had some problems with the film so we had to reshoot it. We had to reshoot it again because something was wrong with the still photography, so it ended up being like three makeout scenes.

DC Scene: Who's idea was it to form The Bens?
Ben: It was Ben Folds idea to tour and mine to actually record music together and write original songs.

DC Scene: What's next for the group?
Ben: I imagine we will do something eventually. You know you have to do something when the universe orders you to do it. If it's not at the perfect moment, then it's not the way to do it.

DC Scene: How would you describe the music scene in Austrailia as compared with that in the United States?
Ben:I haven't spent that much time there in the last 10 years. When I was growing up playing music there, it was much different. It really takes a lot to make it in America. There's a lot of bands that are unknown in America that are huge overseas, and there are a lot of bands that are huge in America and are unknown in Austrailia. Like the Greatful Dead had never been to Europe. Dave Matthews isn't really big over there, either.

DC Scene: You landed the feature song spot of the new Dell Commercial. Pretty cool commercial. So do you own a Dell?
Ben:Ha, well they are giving me some. The video is great. You have to think of very creative ways to get your music across these days. Using American Eagle or TV shows like One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. It's almost a must using these new avenues to get your music across. Some commercials seem to really break out a song.

DC Scene: You're currently on tour with Dashboard Confessional, and a lot of his songwriting tells the tales of his sad love experiences. Do you think this is what has made him connect with so many fans?
Ben: Music is intangible that connects with people for all different reasons. He connects with the young crowd because he writes about what they are interested in, and that's love.

DC Scene: Explain the story behind the song "Catch My Disease."
Ben: I write songs to do a service for the world. I don't really understand what it is all about. I'm a slave of music. It's like Christmas time and you pick up the presents and shake them. Some gifts are amazing and others turn out to be just OK.

DC Scene: So what are your plans for the rest of the summer?
Ben: More touring in the States and in Canada, and then back to the States to headline.

DC Scene: Thanks.

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