Google Seeks to End EWI: Emailing While Intoxicated

Now you can't send misguided missives if you're drunk/stupid (at least on Gmail)

You've had those nights. You drank your own weight in beer, and the mass of a large midget in shots.

Your motor skills surprisingly still work and you thumb your way through your iPhone, Blackberry or laptop, ready to send off an email.

Whether it's a long slurrily misspelled love letter to an ex, or a profanity laced Al Pacino "Glengarry Glen Ross" quote to a current boss, either way it's a mistake.

Fortunately, the big brains over at Google have you in mind.

Now there's "Mail Goggles," a new Gmail feature that prevents drunk emailing.

The add-on asks a series of relatively easy math problems which you have to solve in a short amount of time.

The drunker you are, the less likely you will be able to complete the quiz. Of course, if you are just stupid you won't be able to log on either, and all those replies to your Craigslist casual encounters post may go unchecked.

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