Beer Gets Even More Magical

Verizon Center Debuts Bottoms-Up Beer Dispenser

You can gape and point all you want, but that just isn't going to take the magic away. Ted Leonsis blogs that the Verizon Center now has a bottoms-up beer dispenser -- which, yes, fills plastic cups from the bottom.

It is a sight to behold.


"Check it out at tonight's Wizards game. Or Saturday’s Caps game," Leonsis wrote. "Amazing technology - Beer 2.0!"

According to, the dispenser can fill up to 44 pints per minute -- with only one person handling the system. It's also faster, cuts down on draft beer waste and "reduces the stress and cost of foamy beer problems." Oh goodness, not foamy beer problems!

Plus, the whole thing is obviously really, really, really awesome.

So how's it work? The cups each have a magnet inside, which forms a seal with a corresponding donut-shaped ring at the bottom once the beer has finished filling. Make sense? No? Maybe? Don't worry about it. It's just magic, is all.

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