Be Brave and Shave


Normal 0 More than two dozen dads decided to drastically alter their hairlines today.

30 men shaved their heads, as part of the “Be Brave and Shave” event.   The event was held to raise money for the Bone Marrow Transplant program at Children’s National Medical Center.

The group was made up mainly of doctors, lawyers, lobbyists, and consultants.  The men were out to show that a simple act can help raise a lot of money and help kids who are fighting for their lives.

The dads have sent $200,000 as their fundraising goal.  They’ve also received a pledge an anonymous donor – who will match donations up to $50,000.  To help contribute to their effort click here.

“There’s no turning back now!”  David Rifkind shouted as the first pieces of his hair began to fall.  Rifkin, who organized the event said, “Many of these men have personal reasons for participating. 

One lost a brother to leukemia.  My own brother received a life-saving bone marrow transplant, and my mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Shaving our heads is a meaningful way to show support for children and adults who are undergoing these challenging procedures, and to make a tangible contribution to their treatment.”

Funds from the event will help establish an outpatient clinic for the Bone Marrow Transplant program at Children’s National Medical Center.  Currently, there is no separate waiting area for kids returning to the hospital for follow up appointments following transplants.  Kids who have undergone transplants have suppressed immune systems and can get very sick, very easily.

One shavee, Chris Rosenberg’s 2-year-old daughter recently received a bone marrow transplant.  He chronicled Brooke’s experience in this video. “She’s braver than any of us can ever imagine.”  Rosenberg said when explaining why he decided to participate in today’s event.  “This is my way of showing my solidarity with my children and honoring the memory of those we have known who have passed on.”

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