Former Rivals Share a Friendly Presidential Playdate

If the world need further proof that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have left their bitter rivalry behind, it came yesterday in the form of a charming photograph of the two global power brokers kicking it old school. 

The commander in chief and the nation's top diplomat looked as chummy as a couple of school kids at recess in an image captured by the Root, a Washington Post online magazine about the African American experience.

Taking advantage of the unusually warm weather, the pair agreed to hold their 4:15 meeting on the White House playground near a swing set installed for Obama's daughters earlier this year. It was their first meeting since Obama returned home from his trip to Europe, Turkey and Iraq.

"The two seemed thick as thieves—smiling, Secretary Clinton casually swung her leg over the bench on the east side of the playground, and the president grinned and waved to gawking reporters and staff as he sat down across from her," according to the Root's Dayo Olopade.

Clinton and Obama weren't the only ones spreading good cheer yesterday.

Earlier in the day, First Lady Michelle hosted a group of Washington high school students who helped her plant and water the new White House garden.

The First Lady sent them home with cookies.

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