Bao to the People


Paper, gunpowder, the compass... sliders? Hey, it turns out you kinda have to include those on the list of great Chinese inventions.

Bao -- a steamed bun filled with beef, pork or other ingredients -- will now be the latest delicacy to be sold from an increasingly mind-bending eclecticism of food trucks. has a preview of the eats from the People's Bao food truck, which is slated to hit the streets in March:

"It's kind of an Asian hamburger," says [owner] Peter, who grew up eating bao nearly every other day, so ubiquitous it was on every street corner in China. He plans to use a Taiwanese-style open bun, a technique introduced 50 years ago, which will allow him to control the ingredients on the spot and to cook the beef in a more complex way.

Ingredients will include naturally raised pork, sushi-grade rice, and beef marinated with an apple-juice base and then braised in veal stock.

"The majority of our ingredients are also known as super foods that are packed with health benefits," says official website. Well, CityStream's taste test included beef bao with arugula and onion marmalade with a sesame, chile and tomato sauce. That acutally does sound pretty super.

You can follow @PeoplesBao to be ready when the launch, or follow our entire food trucks list on Twitter here.

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