Bacon Cupcake Replaced by Something Weirder

Suddenly not in the mood for cupcakes anymore

Bacon cupcakes were so last month.

Now we're gonna have to flush out all that cholesterol with some nice, healthy veggies. But is it OK if they're in a cupcake? We are unable to consume food items not in cupcake form.

Buzz Bakery (901 Slaters Lane, Alexandria) is debuting an "Eat Your Vegetables" cupcake. Buzz is calling them chocolate and vanilla mini-gardens, filled with veggies like cabbage, carrots and eggplant. The new concoction will be available for a limited time starting Tuesday.

We're afraid. Very afraid.

Fortunately, Buzz is also running a Back to School special of s'more cupcakes, devil's food topped with chocolate ganache, graham cracker crumbs and a toasted marshmallow. Never mind that we haven't darkened the door of a school in at least, um, several years. (And that we may or may not have gotten detention for smoking at the time.)

The bakery is also launching a plastic carrying case (AKA, lunchbox) specially designed to carry cupcakes. OK, we are so in trouble now. The case is $4.95 and if you bring it in for refills -- OMG, so much better than a Big Gulp -- you'll 25 cents off any daily cupcake special.

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