Baby Raccoons Rescued, Reunited With Mom

Babies fed and placed in a "reunion box" for mom

In a heart-warming tale that involves tiny baby animals drinking from wee bottles, the United States Humane Society helped rescue a raccoon family and reunite babies with their mom.

An Arlington family recently had their house's chimney capped, not realizing that a raccoon mom and her four wriggly kiddos had been living inside.

The mom entered the basement through an ash door and enthusiastically tried to escape. Animal Control removed her and two babies from the house... "But the next day, someone heard more chattering," said Lori Thiele of the U.S. Humane Society.

The babies probably hadn't nursed in more than 72 hours. Humane Society workers rehydrated them and placed them in what they call "a reunion box" (d'aww) -- with a camera nearby to capture the adorable fetching.

Sure enough, the raccoon mom found her bebehs and scooped them out, bringing them to their new home (which we hope wasn't in another chimney).

You know what? Just watch the video already.

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