Baby Howler Monkey Far Cuter Than Expected

A black howler monkey was born with unbelievable amounts of adorableness.

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Smithsonian National Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo
It's a... baby! The Small Mammal House celebrated the birth of a black howler monkey on March 22. The baby's sex has not yet been determined, but the cuteness levels have, and they are at maximum.
Smithsonian National Zoo
Keepers have been monitoring the family at a distance to allow the parents to bond with the little one. Despite the scary name, the little howler couldn't be more precious.
Smithsonian National Zoo
The baby \"seems bright, alert, and increases its activity and independence day by day,\" the zoo said. This is the first surviving howler monkey in the zoo's history.\
Smithsonian National Zoo
So why are they called howler monkeys? \"Their thick necks house a unique voice box, including an enlarged hyoid bone,\" the zoo says, \"that enables male howler monkeys to penetrate three miles of dense forest with a single rumbling growl.\"
Smithsonian National Zoo
The zoo says the first-time parents, mom Chula and dad Pele, are exhibiting strong parental skills. We're sure this one will get into a great preschool when it's time.
Smithsonian National Zoo
Zoo visitors can see the howler family on exhibit in the Small Mammal House.
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