Authorities Searching for Georgetown Flasher

Georgetown officials put out an alert about a student flashed

Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety is looking for a flasher.

Investigators said a man jumped out from behind bushes in front of a female student and exposed himself, at about 1:30 a.m.Thursday near the 3500 block of N Street NW, DPS said.

DPS said she did not approach the man and reported the incident about an hour later when she got home. Anyone with information on this suspected flasher should call DPS immediately at 202-687-4343.

The Department of Public Safety would like to take this time to offer a few reminders to Georgetown students:

  1. On campus students should call DPS at 202-687-4343 regarding any safety concerns.
  2. Off campus students with immediate safety concerns should call MPD at 911 and DPS at 687-HELP.
  3. Practice security at home by not propping doors open, always keeping doors and windows locked, even when you are in residence, and not opening the door to strangers.
  4. Students noticing suspicious activities or individuals loitering around entrances to residence halls, apartments or townhouses should immediately notify DPS at 202-687-4343.
  5. Students may utilize the services of THE SHUTTLE or DPS SAFERIDES escorts as a means of providing safe passage off-campus. Call 784-RIDE for DPS SAFERIDES escorts. 
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