Audrina Spreads Her Wings for PETA

LOS ANGELES -- Audrina Patridge, of "The Hills," and her rescued dog Speedy Gonzales want you to be an angel for animals.

Patridge's new PETA billboard was unveiled Wednesday on Beverly Boulevard. It's between Sweetzer and Harper avenues on the north side of Beverly.

The billboard features Patridge dressed as a sexy angel with wings. She's holding her adopted dog.

The billboard includes the messages, "Be an Angel for Animals -- Always Adopt, Never Buy" and "Buying Animals Means Killing Animals."

"I wanted to get involved with PETA because I've always been passionate about animals, and I think this is a great way to make people and all my fans aware of all the animals that need a home," said Audrina on PETA's website. "And a lot of people go to pet stores and breeders to buy their animals, but you should adopt, so go to an animal shelter and rescue a dog."

It may be a good time to adopt a pet, as the California legislature is considering a bill that would allow tax deductions for animals adopted from local government and non-profit animal shelters.

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