Art Show for Nerds (We Like It!)

All the art is about robots. We had a dream like this one time.

Alert. Alert. Robots are invading the nation's capital.

OK, not exactly. But It's Electric, a fun art show, will highlight -- wait for it! -- robot-themed artwork from local artists. Let us repeat: ROBOT-THEMED ARTWORK. The original show date was postponed due to Snowmageddon, but it's finally happening this Saturday night, March 20 (7-11 p.m.).

The Electric Maid (268 Carroll St N.W.) hosts the show, and tunes will come from the appropriately named DJ Anne Dreud -- yes, pronounced like "android." She'll be spinning techno and "robo-centric" music.

Local artists featured in the event include Michael Auger, Jared Davis, Todd Gardner and Steve Strawn.

It doesn't matter if you are into androids, cyborgs or just plain circuit boards -- we're are sure to find something interesting at this art show. Davis has offered, on his blog, a preview of a painting that he will include in the upcoming exhibit. The acrylic on canvas picture features characters with steel-jointed arms and a bucket of cogs and bolts, named "The Devil and the Broken Man."


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