Arr Mateys, It's a Pirate Singalong!

Hold your hand steady and slather on enough pirate eyeliner to put Captain Jack Sparrow to shame.

The Ship's Company Chanteymen will be at the Laughing Man Tavern (1306 G St. N.W.) singing old nautical and pirate songs. OK, seriously -- Laughing Man Tavern? That even SOUNDS pirate-y. Yeah, the venue is kinda meh, but happy hour specials include $4 beers to get you nice and warmed up for the singalong from 8-10 p.m. We hate to tell you this, but your beverages will probably (just probably) NOT arrive in large jugs marked by three X's. We're so sorry about this.

In the meantime, ponder this: The recurring event is brought to us all (yarrr) by The Ship's Company Chanteymen, a group of, um, pirate re-enactors who dress in old-fashioned garb, traveling from tavern to tavern singing pirate songs. We're not sure whether to cry or try to become their friends. Maybe a little of both, but we'll know when we see them.

There's no cover for the singalongs at Laughing Man, but remember to pop a Vitamin C. We don't want ye to be comin' down with the scurvy.

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