Around Town: The Webisodes

NBC's summer interns getting out and going crazy -- um, with stilts and stuff

Welcome to D.C. and stand to the right.

Josh, Kent, Dan, Xeni and Angie are in town for the summer. We gave them cameras; chaos ensued.

NBC Interns Around Town - Episode 2:
"Presidents You Wouldn't Want to Face in a Duel"

This time, our interns have a colonial-style duel ... on the paintball field. They take the JFK swimming challenge. And then they play some polo, although we're not sure why.

NBC Interns Around Town - Episode 1:
"Jumbo-Trons and $8 Hot Dogs"

Around Town's summer interns go searching for quirky, down-home fun in the nation's capital -- OK, or in Bethesda. Either way, hijinks abound. (Someone steals a pretzel. Go figure.)

iDateDC - Episode 2:
"Hither and Yon"

NBC intern Josh makes another desperate attempt at a date. This time he's going colonial -- but was that chaperone really a good idea?

iDateDC - Episode 1:
"My Secret Spot"

NBC intern Josh has a date with an oddly quiet girl in this weirdly creepy debut episode of "I Date D.C."

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