First Location of Armand’s Pizza to Close

Skyrocketing costs will close the Wisconsin Avenue location

The original location of a longtime D.C. fave, Armand's Pizzeria, will close its doors June 30, News4's Shomari Stone first reported.

"It's heartbreaking after 37 years to contemplate closing this restaurant. We love it," said owner Ron Neumaier.

But they don't love the overhead -- the rent is $12,000 per month, and the cost of ingredients is skyrocketing.

Ron Neumaier's father, Lew Neumaier, opened the first Armand's in 1975, at 4231Wisconsin Ave. NW. Back then, no one around here sold Chicago-style deep-deep pizza.

Armand's also began the first pizza delivery service in D.C., and a long list of political notables has patronized the place. President Jimmy Carter brought daughter Amy to Armand's to celebrate her birthday in 1977. Chelsea Clinton and Barack Obama have eaten at Armand's as well.

News4's own Shomari Stone used to visit Armand's on Fridays in summertime with his dad.

At this point, the six other locations will stay open, but it would cost $200,000 to keep the historic flagship location running.

Lew Neumaier will celebrate his 89th birthday at the restaurant on June 10. He said he hopes someone will saved the location so he can celebrate his 100th birthday there, too.

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