Arlington Puts Energy Plan, Cycling on Top

"Look for me in the bike lane!": New Arlington Co. Board chairman

The new chairman of the Arlington Co. board has a plan to make Arlington more green.

To get the party started, Jay Fisette's committed to riding his bicycle to work at least once a week through 2010.

"Look for me in the bike lane!" he announced during his New Year's Day valedictory speech. Fisette said he sees the bicycle as "a wonderful compromise between walking and driving... [and] bicycling is good for one’s health, great for the environment and a sustainable form of transportation."

Sustainability, of course, being the word of the year for Arlington, which has appointed a special "green ribbon" energy task force to reduce the county's greenhouse gas emissions in the private and commercial sectors.

The task force is the first of its kind in the Washington region, officials told the Washington Post, although other area jurisdictions, such as Montgomery County, have taken measures such as buying wind power for years.

The task force will hold its first meeting in January and will meet every two months until the plan is completed in early 2011. Three community energy town hall meetings will be held as part of the process.

Fisette also touted more cycling as part of the sustainability plan, saying he plans to expand bicycling in the county.

TheWashCycle seems impressed, as are we.

Now can you just get rid of some of those big hills on the bike trail?

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