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Area dentist goes Gaga


September 7 is a special holiday for thousands of people in the D.C. area: Lady Gaga Day. For those of us not so fortunate to have tickets to her long sold-out Verizon Center performance, though, it's just another Tuesday.

Susan Pearson, a Silver Spring dentist, wants everyone to feel like little monsters.

She's combining one of the most rote of errands -- going to the dentist -- with all the spectacle of the "The Fame." All day Tuesday, Dr. Pearson and staff will be attending to patients while wearing their best Gaga–esque costumes.

Gaga frequently wears costumes that look as if they're made of floss. The all-bubbles leotard she debuted last year would seem to be appropriate at a dentist's office, in some way -- if not necessarily on a dental technician. The stalactite-inspired headpiece she wore for the 2010 Grammy Awards could be read as a cautionary tale about what happens to your teeth if you forget your retainer.

I would absolutely trust a dental hygienist covered in Kermits the Frog.

Person's office is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Get an appointment now -- you're unlikely to find one on Craigslist if you miss out.

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