Annie Creamcheese Now Shaping Tax Policy

At Least If We Have Anything to Say About It

Amid the "dim idea" award contenders, we present: D.C.'s cancellation of the tax holiday. Yep, the way to get people to spend money is probably NOT to cut the one discount that they've grown to expect.

Cue blank staring from D.C. tax planners ... NOW.

At least the consignment goddesses at Annie Creamcheese (3279 M St. N.W.) aren't listening. Any purchase less than $100 at the vintage behemoth is tax-free, Aug. 28-30. (OK, except for Chanel jewelry, which we can kinda understand.)

Plus, everything in the store -- uhhh, except for the Chanel jewelry, so stop asking already -- is 20 percent off.

Sure, you might be a little too, um, "grown-up" to be going back-to-school shopping, but that doesn't mean you can't stock up on '70s-style rompers anyway. Trust us on that one.

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